On this page you can find recommended books, classes, and supplies. While we may receive a small compensation for our referrals, all of our recommendations are based on personal experience.


Bluprint has been an invaluable source of learning for the sewing side of our business. Although I (Andrea) had my start in sewing as a child, I was able to hone my skills and start my own business with the information and confidence I received through the classes available on Bluprint. When I started, you had to purchase each class individually, so I spent hundreds, but now you can access all classes for a low monthly price. AND you get to keep free classes for each month that you are a member. AAAND...you can even do a free trial, so you have nothing to lose.

In my blog, I will mention which classes specifically helped me the most through different stages. I know they'll be helpful for you as well. 

How did I learn to design my own fabrics and create digital illustrations? I couldn't have done it without Skillshare. You'll find hundreds of classes shared by creators around the world. 

If you use the link below, you can get 2 free months of Skillshare and I assure you you won't leave without learning something new! 

Click here.



I highly recommend this line of Singer sewing machines, because they are great not only for beginners but even for advanced sewists. You won't find a better price than at these provided links. They are all under $200. I will soon have a blog post with specifics. 

Singer 4423

Singer 4432

Singer 4452

Although the Janome listed below is more expensive than the Singers and has less features, I am recommending it because it is has been extremely reliable for me.

If you're interested in getting a serger, the Juki 654DE is a true workhorse well worth investing in. 

And my recommendation for a coverstitch machine is the Juki MCS1500, no issues with skipped stitches as some machines are notorious for.