We have received so much wonderful feedback about our positivity journals that we decided to make this PDF planner/positivity journal hybrid!


This PDF planner contains links to each section in the index as well as in the tabs. The week view also links to daily journals when the date is clicked on. 


The positivity journal contains prompts for postitive thinking and actions. For example, each day includes a section for recording gratitudes, good things we can do for others, and the best part of each day. Throughout the week there are also sections for writing or drawings related to things we look forward to in paradise, enjoy about creation, etc. 


Since a good spiritual routine is key to our happiness, there are checkboxes each day for Daily Text, Bible Reading, Meditation, and Prayer.  There are sections for short term and long term goals and service totals.


We hope you enjoy your planner and that it helps you create a habit of positive thinking, which leads to positive feelings.


File size: 65 MB

You will receive a link to download the PDF file within 24 hours of purchase.

Please indicate which note-taking app you use. Note: it does not work with GoodReader. 


For personal use only. Not for resale. File not to be shared with others. We truly value the support and respect for the hard work that has gone into producing this journal. 

3 Month PDF Planner and Positivity Journal- Purple

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