This service is available for local and long distance clients.

Do you have a favorite garment that you just wish you could have in several colors, or that you've worn out and is no longer available in stores? We know the feeling! Garment copy services to the rescue!


How does it work? You send us the original garment. We develop a pattern from the garment. Some items are easier to pattern if taken apart but in many cases it is not necessary. We will advise you on the best course of action. You may purchase the pattern for personal use or have us sew you a new garment. The total cost consists of patterning + materials + labor. Garments vary greatly (fabric, lining, closures, etc) so the difficulty of a job also varies. Please contact us for a total quote.

Please be sure garments to be copied are clean, preferably unscented, prior to drop-off or shipping. 

With any garment copy, please remember there may be some slight differences as there are many variables, including the condition of the original garment and which fabrics are available for the copy.