These are not medical grade masks. They are cloth covers for the general public. They do not take the place of social distancing measures and other official guidelines for dealing with COVID-19. I make no claim as to whether they will protect you from any illness.

Mask options information:

1. The masks come standard with an organic cotton flannel filter sandwiched in between the exterior and lining pieces. There is no pocket with these. The pocket option would be 3 layers of fabric, with the back layer providing the space for inserting a filter. You would have to provide your own filter.

2. I currently offer sizes Regular and Large. Regular will fit most adults. Large is for those with larger/longer faces. The elastic is customizable so the size doesn't have much to do with girth.

3. You can choose to receive two short elastics, which you can use for ear loops or one long elastic which you could use for a behind the head fit. In both cases, you would thread the elastic through the casings, tie a knot according to the length that feels comfortable to you, and then you can pull the knot into the casing so that it's hidden away.

Organic Cotton Face Masks

Art Gallery Fabric Face Masks

Conventional Cotton Face Masks